Wellhayes Vineyard

Were awarded £ £26,277 (40% of total project costs of £65,694) towards a building renovation and purchase of equipment to increase the efficiency and grow the production for this sparkling wine producer. Creating local employment and increasing the turnover for this rural micro business.

Wellhayes Vineyard, in Clayhanger, Tiverton was established in 2011 with the planting of 2,500 vines, for the production of sparkling wine. The partnership consists of partners, Alison and Simon Routh.

The applicant has invested the formative years of the Partnership establishing the vineyard and vintage of the first corkage of sparkling wine. Now that the initial ‘trial’ has been successful the applicant would like to invest in more efficient equipment and a permanent production space.

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Take a look at the video that Simon did for us:



Posted on

12th February 2020