Silverton Room 4 U

Were awarded £57,828 (56.1% of the total project costs of £103,082.50), towards the investment in a new building on the site of some old toilets in Silverton. This building will be used as a health and wellbeing centre, with a particular focus on Dementia Care, and services for elderly residents, but open to all for health treatments such as chiropody, reflexology, and aromatherapy. The creation of 0.4FTE job with the project will bring additional benefits to this rural community.

Silverton Room 4 U is a registered charity they were constituted in January 2016, prior to this they were a non-constituted community group fundraising to buy the derelict toilet block, established in 2014. The group saw the opportunity to create a valuable resource for the village that will bring much needed health and wellbeing support to residents The group negotiated the purchase of the old toilet block from Mid Devon District Council, and gained planning permission to demolish and build a new bespoke building on the site. They have raised a significant amount of funding towards this project, and there is clear community support for it.

The Project will be run by Jenny Roach with support from the trustees, who will each oversee an element of the project according to their areas of expertise, an architect is also employed to oversee the build.


Posted on

12th February 2020