Planet Play SW

Were awarded £21,532.88 (40% of total project costs of £53,832.19), towards the equipment for a new soft play centre, and equipping the kitchen area. The project will create 2.5 full time equivalent jobs and provide a vibrant facility within the town centre.

The business owner already runs a very successful bouncy castle hire business. Through this venture he became aware of the lack of dedicated young children’s indoor play facilities in his local town of Crediton. Through a lot of local market research and surveying his current customers he developed a business plan for opening a soft play centre for children aged 0 – 10 in the town centre.

It was important to the applicant to have the facility within the town centre to enable easy access for all community members and reduce the impact on the environment. This was realised when a local unit became available and the lease was agreed. Through a lot of hard work and support from family and the LEADER programme the applicant was able to open his new business in October 2016.

Take a look at the great short video that Sean did for REAL Devon.



Posted on

12th February 2020