GA Mortimer & Sons

Were awarded £51,010.07 (40% of the total project costs of £127,525.18) towards the purchase of new farm machinery. This included a Robotic Voluntary Milking System; 2 Cattle crushes with weigh reader and foot trimming kit; 12m Dribble bar; and a ITC Receiver/Premium Activation. The project aims were to improve animal health and welfare and to reduce ammonia and sulphur emissions and reduce the farms carbon footprint. This project will also reduce the farm overheads by efficiently using the fertilisers etc. The creation of 1 FTE job with the project will bring additional benefits to this rural community.

GA Mortimer & Sons is a farming partnership that has been in operation since 1850. The farm has grown from 300 acres to 2500 acres, of which 50% is owned and 50% is rented. In 1991 the partnership invested in the installation of a new parlour, which was extended in 2004. They have already installed 3 Voluntary Milking Systems (VMS) which are used by 150 cows. They had trialled and tested the machines and saw the benefits to the cows to choose when to be milked, also the monitoring of the health of the cows. This also left more time for the staff to care for the animals. Therefore they decided to invest in a 4th VMS to enable more of the herd to choose when to be milked. The farm is very conscious of their environmental impact and sought help to reduce this by efficiently applying fertilisers and other chemicals.


Posted on

12th February 2020