Billhole Farm

Billhole Farm – mobile handling system and water filtration system.

Were awarded £6,738.40 (40% of total project costs of £16,846), towards the purchase of a mobile handling system and water filtration system.

John Cowell purchased Billhole farm, in Black Dog, in 2014 in a run-down state and has spent a couple of years investing in the infrastructure there to bring it up to standard. The farm is mixed with 75 hectares with sheep, beef and some arable land. There is also a pedigree flock of polled Dorset Sheep and a commercial sheep flock. There are is also a beef unit that takes calves. There are approximately 450 animals on site. Arable land allows the farm to grow a variety of cereals.

The Funding from REAL Devon enabled John to purchase the mobile handling system that enables them to manage flocks at locations all over the farm. The farm is dissected by rural roads, making the movement of the animals quite dangerous for drivers and farm workers/animals. The mobile handling system will allow the farm workers to administer health and welfare processes to the animals in the fields where they are grazing.

The water filtration system for the natural borehole water source enables the animals to have a clean water source.


Posted on

12th February 2020